linda lee welch

Linda Lee has won prizes in the Bridport, York, and Jersey poetry competitions.

Her children’s poems can be found in the anthologies Read me Aloud, Read me in School, My Stepdad is an Alien, The Dog Ate My Bus Pass, Folens Poetry Works, and Young Hippo Spooky Poems.

Her writing for adults has been published in Mslexia, The New Writer, Staple, Sheaf, and Sheffield Thursday, among others, and can be found online in Proof and e-sheaf magazines.

'Swing' and 'Padre Island' are published in The North 48 (December 2011) alongside work by Kathy Towers, Ian McMillan, Paul Munden and others.

‘Blue Note’ and 'Lonely Aphrodite' appeared in the Winter 2009 (195) edition of Ambit magazine and 'Blue Note' is also published in the Versus Poetry Anthology (Trip Festival edition 2010). Linda Lee also contributed poems and readings to the Exploding Poetry installation at Bank Street Arts, 2010.

Most of the poets in recent issues are little-known names, so far... but they are strikingly diverse, ranging mostly across the Atlantic and back, with a strong female presence and a rich vein of lyricism ("We've curled ourselves into a rotten conch", laments Linda Lee Welch in 'Blue Note', "and can't seem to hear the sea anymore.") - Times Literary Supplement review of Ambit 200, November 2010.

Click here for a video of Blue performed at Speakeasy in Sheffield, June 2010

Click here for an audio recording of the poem Weather

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Goat Life